White Riesling

  • The lower elevations of the Rattlesnake Hills is great for crisp white wines, and this 100% Riesling is a perfect example. Exhibiting aromas of gravenstein apples and subalpine wildflowers, the taste suggests sweet yet retains a nice mineral note that leads to a citrus-infused finish. 
  • Appellation Rattlesnake Hills
    White Riesling: Off-Dry (less than 1% residual sugar)
    Vintage: 2022
    Bottling Date: June 2023
    Alcohol: 13.2%
  • Pairs well with spicy cuisine (Phad Thai comes to mind), flavorful cheeses, rich dishes like gourmet mac'n cheese, or a hot afternoon by the lake.

Category: White

Type: Riesling

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