Sagemoor Vineyards

Founded in 1968 by Alec Bayless, Sagemoor has been growing quality vinefera grapes for over 40 years. Location is a big factor for this vineyard as its located on a southwestern slope just outside of Pasco, butting up to the Columbia River. Sagemoor customers represent the largest of Washington state wineries, as well as boutique niche market cellars. The winemaker clients actively participate in viticultural decision-making witin their preferred blocks in pursuit of their personal flavor profile goals. Precision farming techniques such as vigor mapping, regulated deficit irrigation, soil profiling, micro nutrient analysis and "green harvest" thinning are applied to manage yields, balance canopy and crop load, optimize sun exposure and ensure consistent high quality fruit.
Sagemoor provides Cabernet Franc and Merlot from their Bacchus vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot from Dionysus Vineyard, Syrah and Barbera from the Sagemoor Vineyard, and Malbec from Winebau Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope. We here at Harbinger feel very lucky to work with such passionate and qualified folks.

Elephant Mountain Vineyards

Elephant Mountain Vineyards is situated on a unique site located high on the southern slopes of the Rattlesnake Ridge at the base of Elephant Mountain, near the center of the new Rattlesnake Hills Appellation in the greater Yakima Valley Appellation. The vineyard sits on a series of gentle, southern-facing slopes at elevations from 1320 to 1460 ft. The vineyard is located above the irrigated portion of the Yakima Valley and is surrounded by dry land shrub steppe. The vineyard has a unique micro climate, perfect for growing and maturing wine grapes. The soil profile consists of a sandy silt loam averaging 2 ft. in depth which lays over a gravelly, calcareous sub surface. The rocky south facing slopes of Elephant Mountain surrounding the vineyard create a significantly beneficial heat sink. This feature, combined with the elevation, keeps the site warm and dry, day and night, throughout the growing season. This allows for maximum accumulation of heat units, low humidity, few frost and mildew concerns, and moderate daytime highs to reduce heat stress on the foliage and fruit. Currently, Harbinger Winery receives Syrah, Tempranillo, Mourvedre, and Sangiovese from Elephant Mountain.

Piper Vineyard

Piper Vineyard is located on the Royal Slope of the Frenchman Hills. With a southern exposure and the perfect angle, this vineyard boasts the preferred growing conditions for vitis vinifera. We've been working with Bud Piper since 2007 to produce chardonnay that embodies the character of the land.

Two Coyote Vineyard

Two Coyote Vineyard was established in 2004 in the Rattlesnake Hills Appellation on the upper end of the Yakima Valley. Their focus is on producing Rhone, Alsatian, and Spanish varietals of the highest quality. While young, significant research and preparation have already gone into this small vineyard. With Rhone-style wines being our focus, Harbinger Winery is contracted to receive Viognier, Mourvedre, and Grenache from Two Coyote.

Crawford Vineyard

Located in the cooler climate of Prosser, Crawford vineyard grows some amazing grapes. Currently we source our Pinot Gris from them, but have gotten Viognier and Tempranillo here as well. We prefer the longer, cooler growing season this area offers for our white wines.