• This very limited release to support the PFOA resonates with seductive flavors of cherries and black raspberries.  Plenty of spice runs through the alleys of this fruit-driven wine, pouncing into a succulent and complex finish. The underlying tannins and acidity give the wine the tools to "purr" once poured into the glass.  So swirl, sniff, and step onto the flavor catwalk with confidence!
  • Proceeds from this wine to benefit the Peninsula Friends of Animals (PFOA) a local organization with the mission A cageless, no-kill, non-profit animal welfare group serving the Olympic Peninsula since 2000
  • Appellation Washington State
  • Produced exclusively for  Peninsula Friends of Animals 
  • Profits to directly benefit PFOA
  • Alcohol: 13.9%
  • Pairs well with grilled, roasted or braised mouse or vermin.  Works with stews, bbq's or rich, earthy songbird sauces. Or how about a fresh eye of salmon over a smoky grill with some rosemary sprigs tossed into the flame for flavor infusion heaven!  

Category: Red Seasonal

Type: Wine with a Mission

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